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Leather is celebrated as one of the most durable materials in the textile industry. Real leather is a natural material, so each piece has its own distinct characteristics, making each hide unique. LeatherCraft uses only Top-grain Leather for all areas of the product, including the outside arms, seat edges and outside backs. This means only 100% top grain leather, with no splits or vinyl matching for the finest quality.

With over 100 leather options, LeatherCraft makes it easy to select a leather that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Top-Grain Leather

Top Grain Leather Chair by LeatherCraft Furniture - Best Manufacturer of High Quality Genuine Leather Chairs.

This type of leather comes from the outermost part of a hide and undergoes a soft buffing process, to assist the absorption of dyes and reduce any imperfections that may exist.

Natural markings remain visible on each hide, giving each piece of leather its own unique characteristics.

Top-Grain Leather has a protective topcoat, which helps shield the leather from staining without compromising the natural quality of the hide.

When searching for premium quality hides, customers should observe natural markings on the leather and the texture of the leather should feel supple and natural.

Leather Furniture Care Suggestion by LeatherCraft Furniture

Leather Care

Our Leather furniture is easy to care for, only requiring an occasional vacuuming and cleaning with a slightly damp cloth, to keep it looking its best.